STARBASE Connecticut
Rocket Hall of Fame
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At STARBASE Connecticut, students are given multiple opportunities to get their rockets into our wormhole (a special box placed a distance of approximately 10 meters away from the launch pad).

If a student makes in once, he or she is given a site specific reward and a place in the Hall of Fame along fellow classmates who also experienced success in thier launches.

If a student is successful more than once, he or she is given the same as above and a solo place in the Multiple Success Section of our Hall of Fame.

Congratulations to all of the students who figure out the secret of getting your rocket into the wormhole!
This space is saved for those students who worked diligently and carefully to consider all of the factors of rocketry to send their straw rockets into the mysterious STARBASE Wormhole. Their hard work has paid of in success! Congratulations! May this be the start of a prosperous exploration of STEM in your life!
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