During this past decade, employment in science and
engineering occupations is expected to increase at
almost FOUR TIMES the rate for ALL OTHER
occupations. At the same time, less than 1% of
current elementary school students will seek
advanced education in the sciences. In comparison
to 15 year olds in 27 countries, US youth ranked 18th
in math and 14th in science.
STARBASE Connecticut works to further student interest and involvement in STEM activities throughout the state of Connecticut. If you wish to  
collaborate with our offices please contact us and we would be more than happy to work with you to make STEM more accessible to your students  
and staff!
Why is STARBASE important?
STARBASE is a five day STEM-based
academy in which students
collaborate to explore various fields
of science and mathematics. The
students use the Scientific Method
to conduct experiments in chemistry
and physics, make observations, and
analyze data through graphing and
comparison to draw conclusions
about the world in which they live.
They also make use of technology in
the form of a high profile CAD
program and 3-D printing. Students
are challenged to utilize the
knowledge they gain to engineer
unique solutions to real world issues.
STARBASE CT serves as a vehicle
to aid urban youth in exploring
STEM fields in a supportive,
collaborative manner, through
hands-on investigations, to foster
life-long learning.
We are ALWAYS on the look
out for volunteers and
mentors to come in work
with our students. Click here
to find out more!

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