Why Is STARBASE Important?
What Are Educators Saying About STARBASE?
STARBASE is a five day STEM-based
academy in which students
collaborate to explore various fields
of science and mathematics. The
students use the Scientific Method
to conduct experiments in
chemistry and physics, make
observations, and analyze data
through graphing and comparison
to draw conclusions about the world
in which they live. They also make
use of technology in the form of a
high profile CAD program and 3-D
printing. Students are challenged to
utilize the knowledge they gain to
engineer unique solutions to real
world issues.
During this decade, employment in
science and engineering
occupations is expected to increase
at almost FOUR TIMES the rate for
ALL OTHER occupations. At the
same time, less than 1% of current
elementary school students will
seek advanced education in the
sciences. In comparison to 15 year
olds in 27 countries, US youth
ranked 18th in math and 14th in

"We have observed that our
students who participate in the
[STARBASE] program excel in their
thinking and reasoning skills in the
-Waterbury's Assistant
Superintendent,   Dr. Sequeira

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"Every fifth grade class in our
district attends five days of
STARBASE instruction each year. 
Our students have attended the
program since 2007, and we can
attest to the value of the
experience via feedback we receive
from both teachers and students. 
The program is is grounded in
inquiry and addresses appropriate
content standards in an engaging,
exciting and relevant manner. 
Teachers, as well as students,
benefit from participating in the
lessons and activities which truly
bring STEM to life."
- Nathan Quesnel - East Hartford
Public Schools Superintendent
STARBASE CT serves as a vehicle
to aid urban youth in exploring STEM
fields in a supportive, collaborative
manner, through hands-on
investigations, to foster life-long
We are ALWAYS on the look
out for volunteers and
mentors to come in work
with our students. Click here
to find out more!
Events and News
As we find out about news of STEM-related activities/competitions and other things related to STARBASE we will post it here.

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