STARBASE 2.0 works with groups to
fomrulate and facilitate unique STEM
learning opportunities. Some opportunities
fit into schools' established before or after
school programming. Other opportunities
are more custom made to a group's needs.
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Various projects we have been involved
with in the past include, FIRST LEGO
League, eCybermission, Big Brothers, Big
Sisters of Connecticut, East Hartford
Public Schools extra curricular activitites.
Volunteer Mentors provide our students a
valuable real-world connection between
their school work and the STEM topics
covered in STARBASE and STARBASE 2.0
activities. This connection makes the
topics come to life and inspire students to
think of the topics as something with
meaning and something of which they can
take ownership. Take the time to positively
impact the lives of students today!

STARBASE 2.0 is the next step of STARBASE CT. This  
element of our program reaches out into the  
community and works to engage young people in the  
grades 6-8 in STEM activities and opportunities. This  
ever evolving aspect of our program is ALWAYS on  
the lookout for mentors and volunteers to work with  
young people as they explore things like LEGO  
robotics, solar cell cars, hovercraft, video game  
design, etc. The opportunities are nearly limitless. If  
you are interested in helping young people explore  
STEM fields volunteer today!
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